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    • Survival Server Broken - New Map?

      As many of you might know already the Map we used to play on, on the survival server is broken. Chunk Errors are spreading everywhere which cause a ruined Map and keeps the server crashing when going into a special region. Cities become messed pu due to those Errors. Unfortunately, we aren't able to fix it anymore. Thoses errors spread and spread without a stop.
      Now we are facing the question, whether we should start a new Map then on survival since we aren't able to fix the old one again. Therefore we would like to know your opinion about it. Later on there will follow a poll where the future of the survival server will be decided.

      Feel free to write your opinion down below.

    • NEW(brand new) map sounds like the best option in this sad situation. But the new map needs to be more structured and organized (this would possibly prevent this from ever happening again) This way "Money" ,"McMMO", and "Nations" could also be fixed and structured so it is actually useful and not just there for the kicks of it.
      An actual spawn with some stuff around to do would be nice and keep the map structured, organized and healthy.
      A set worldborder from start.
      An updated set of rules and guidelines (Haven't really seen any in resent times)

      Now this is a long list of things, very demanding and such, but I am sure it will be worth it. It will take some time, but then we are sure that it is working properly. No more half solutions, full solution is the way to go.
      (If anyone wonders, this has my vote for now, and Paulie77's vote)
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