Minecraft: Education Edition has launched!

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    • Minecraft: Education Edition has launched!

      Mojang Feed wrote:


      It’s been a long time coming! We announced it, created an Early Access version, and now… Minecraft: Education Edition has officially launched!

      Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t understand these words because Minecraft: Education Edition is available in 11 languages and a whopping 50 countries!

      Minecraft: Education Edition includes all kinds of cool features that make it fun and easy for educators to create and teach lessons through Minecraft. There’s even a dedicated Classroom Mode companion app that displays a map view, world management settings and more.

      Just like all the editions of Minecraft, Education Edition will be updated regularly and improved on by a talented community of creators. Only this time, those creators are educators with great insight into how to invigorate their students, make them extremely smart, and set them up for a fulfilling, productive lives. I might be getting a bit carried away here but, yes, Minecraft: Education Edition is a great thing.

      The official website already includes a bunch of tutorials, lesson plans, starter worlds and more, all created by talented users. It’ll also introduce you to the mentor’s program which connects Education Edition beginners with friendly veterans, all eager to share their timeless knowledge.

      The complete version of Minecraft: Education Edition is now available to purchase for $5 per user, per year, or through a Microsoft education volume licensing discount. Learn more at education.minecraft.net!

      Good luck expanding brains, teacher-folk!

      Owen - @bopogamel

      Source: mojang.com/2016/11/minecraft-education-edition-has-launched/
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