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      Hello folks,

      In occasion of the "Experiment 1200" I would like to tell you a few things about the "World" in which the project takes place.

      We live in the little county of Weidenburg, or as "we" natives call it "Wichelborch". Only a few feet away from the place where a traderoute crosses the river "Finstaralwaz" at "Holzfort" the count of Wichelborch decided to build a castle.
      The constructionside atracted handcrafters and farmers to settle down next to it and to supply the constructionside with their products and goods. Soon the place will develope to a little village or even a town. But one day foreigners from the north came into the close mountains north of Wichelborch and settled down there...

      Here are a few pictures of Wichelborch (castle):

      Hope to see you soon in our little village!

    • Well its only to give an idea why there should be a village near it. Creative map or not, these are medieval times and the building of a castle could take years! Therefore the builders needed a place to live. They needed food, supplies and other things. There you go a village is created!

      A little note about the trees... GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LINE OF FIRE!!! Other than that nice map!
      (i will try not to nitpick about it too much though)