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    • Community Roleplay Experiment

      Hello fellows,

      I would like to invite you to my little experimental Roleplay to revive the server a little bit again. The Concept is quiet easy: We start on a new creative map (which is already online and used) and we start with a little village in the year of 1200. I choosed the starting year 1200 because it was the point where cities became popular and many of them were founded in this period. Furthermore, the social and political structures were quiet simple what makes the together Roleplay also easier for everyone: Simple rules, simple hierarchy and a simple society.

      The city itself will follow a historical development timeline. Starting point is a Castle were two traderoutes cross: A river with a ford and a path crossing it. Around the constructionside of the castle, handcrafters and farmers would have settled down to help building it. And that's our first step.

      So, If you like to join, write your wished job under this post and join this experiment!

      Information about the next step will be released after the first milestone was achieved.

      I hope I could excite you a bit with this experiment and I really hope that most of you will join.

      Kind regards,

    • I might have some interest to get into Role-play again, so I thought a bit about what confession to choose. From my perspective, for at least 200 Jears everyone and later some other people will be religious from a historical site. So, my choise is becoming something like Your Holiness would be fun and add a little layer of RPG.

      Some questions I still not sure about:
      • What do you think about having a religion?
      • I think the best think is to play in a fictive religion, science I not want anyone to be afraid we not chose "his" religion. We would need some commandments wish are also a bit better fitted for Minecraft.
      • How much do we want to be realism? As I understand, we start in 1200 and time will slowly progress. Do we want to respect some historical changes? Can the party involved choose to opt into an other way and see what happens?
      • How fast does Time progress?
      • Is it a custom map, a vanilla one ore some map generated by an other Mod/Plugin (like Realistic terrain Generation)? I think something Custom would give it a special flair. For Example, there should be more forest then today at 1200.
      • We are looking for you! Want a career at a religious sight? Apply Today! *This is an Advertisement*
    • To answer some questions mentioned:

      1. Religion is a special topic. Of course I will build churches and cathedrals, etc. for sure because I think a medieval town without these buildings wouldn't look that good.

      2. I think we will definitely stick to historical epochs them in general. But the time in which we reach a specific epoch will be different. For example: It might be that our Middleage will last until 1600 or even longer. So in that case we might reach the renaissance in 1700 or even 1800 and Baroque even later.

      3. I thought about time progression and I thought about 1 week = 1 month in-game-time or 1 day = 1 week in-game-time. I will make a poll about that anyway.

      4. I made a costum world with WorldPainter. It includes a ca. 5000x5000 blocks map with terrain and ores underground. Eventually I will ad flora in a later stage. At the moment there are nearly no trees except the ones I placed by myself.
    • Well it depends on how fast time goes in the first place. But you will have to stick to the period that the world is in.

      So if 1 real life day = 1 week in game, that would mean that ever 52 days a minecraft year would pass. giving it roughly 7 minecraft years for each real life year. Meaning it will take a very long time to get to the later periods. Meaning that if you like it or not you will have to stick to the architecture and building techniques of the 13th century.

      If 1 real life day = 1 month in game things will go a bit faster, but this wont change what i just explained.
      ( 12 days for a year, 30 minecraft years for 1 real life year roughly)
    • Btw, I'm thinking of adding to the whole experiment a survival aspect. Roleplay wouldn't make much sense if you can't act your role. I mean a woodcutter without Forest nor cutting wood is usless right? Same for a smith or a carpenter.

      BTW. the second Coat of Arms in my signature is the one of the count of Wichelborch ;)
    • …or collecting resources for a Castle ;)
      If it stays the way, we need some sort of conflict solving for the religion think. I only suggested fictive for a reason, and I don't think a real one could be interpreted in Minecraft, the dieing -> Heaven / Hell thing, wish is one of the main "reasons" people started believing in some weird person having 10 rules how to live together, is not very applicable. The Die and become Reborn until reaching Nirvana thing is more applicable, but you can't become something other then a Steve, so also not fully applicable. You cannot take something from the real world, wich some of us don't fully know nor support (because there believing in another / none religion). You can take some inspiration from real ones, tough.

      BTW, for those wich ignore the fact that there is a shoutbox: We have a Discord Group now :)
    • In this Post I want to give a quick (or long) statement about my opinion on the religion Poll.

      1st, why I suggested a Religion?

      In the Period we will hang out for the next couple years, religion is kinda a big thing. People went to church (or equivalent), and holy wars are just about over. And the possibilities for RPG are endless: Remember the history lessons about conflicts from Head of States and your Holyness? And if we reach the Renaissance, thinks will get hairy for me.

      But I don't think mimicking a real religion is the way to go, for a number of reasons:
      • Minecraft is not the real world. You cannot simply take the creation process of the world in <insert favorite religion here> and apply it to Minecraft. We have 3 Dimensions, what about them?
      • Basic Rules from Religions are not applicable. You don't have a mum and a dad to care about, nor can you respect the sunday if a week is happening in 24 real world hours. And I don't think marrying in game is going to be a thing. With that in mind, 3 of the 10 christinary rules of rules are not applicable. We should have some religion wich respects the game.
      • As @lillemingo mentioned in game, churches are overdone. Some new, creative buildings would bring a unique feeling.
      • Real Religion may have the disadvantage of people don't believe in that. Fictive Religions wich are only in game probably would increase the amount of people participating.

      I'm not saying we should forget about real religions. We could, because christinay is the leading voice, implement the other 7 rules from them. We also could have some events being applied in our religion, for example i had corruption in mind so that the 95 Theses could happen for roughly the same reason as for Christionary.

      Now, I would like to give you a hands-up about my minds about and thinkings about a fictive religion, feedback is greatly appreciated.

      Jessie, the Enderdragon was the first living creature on Minecraft (No, I don't care about Alphas and Betas :P). Because she felt lonely on the end island, she made the Endermans. But the plan backfired: The Enderman attacked here, so she couldn't walk anymore on her beautiful end island. Because she couldn't undo the damage she done alone, the Players and the Overworld were created. The Players should kill Enederman whenever they see one and destroy the loot [This is done for two reasons: Firstly, the lose of ender pearls and ender chest has a bad impact on lives, wich i wanted to implement in one way. Secondly, Eyes of Ender could be some sort of currency wich you pay the church for some services with the promise to destroy them, to have an entry point for the 95 Theses]. Also, Endermites are holy because they attack the enderman, and the brothers of them (Silver Fish) are also holy [Similar to Cows being holy, or no Pig Meat eating]. After a Player dies, he/she will respawn. But in a far future, Jessie may decide to invoke the youngest council, where all live will be separated. The good ones will become inhabitants of the End, and bad ones will be sentenced to one eternity in the Nether, where they may appear as inhabitants. The Wither Boss is the King of the Inhabitants, and those should be killed ASAP (under one minute) [Thise should represent the devil]. Basic rules [maybe some of the christinary religion?] apply.
    • I've got a another solution for this issue:

      Every individual can choose/create the religion his heart desires. But every Count can set a primary religion for his Land. So, for example one County has no primary religion what means that every religion is accepted. Another County has set, idk, Islam for example as his primary Religion. Then he can decide if he also tolerates or accepts other religions or not. Like in the real world.

      I think that would be an option where everyone can fullfill his wish in terms of religion. And Atheism should also be allowed in my opinion if a player doesn't want to stick to any kind of religion.