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      Hi, I was thinking in making a map in the style shown in these pictures (shown below), I'm not sure of a where I would build such a map, so I'm asking here, if you will allow me to have such a map at your server. :) It is not a real city, it is made up, and can take out any form wished. It is much easy and everyone who knows the basics of building can be in on it. Why do I wish for a new project? Well, Liverpool is hard, and I don't have the time or will to continue at it for a long time. So in the mean time I would like to have another project, a project everyone interested can join in on. Why? To have fun with the game again, not just play for 5 minutes, find it boring and then head back to jobs and school. :D All this map would need is to be a flat-map at height 30. All else must be build. Hope you find this a good idea, with many possibilities in it.
      Es Veni, Vidi, Vici Conquestum est vincere
      To come, to see, to conquor the conquestable is to conquer