Basic informations about the RPG server

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    • Basic informations about the RPG server

      The Motto.
      The RPG server consists of RPG based worlds in which you can form a nation. The biggest goal is to lead your nation in the fields of politics, economy and society to the top. Within nations, it is therefore also important to distribute and manage the civil tasks. In order to establish a nation one needs at least 2 players. At present it is not yet possible to live as a hermit with the advantages of a nation. It is therefore appropriate to join a nation in the beginning. If you want to start a nation, you have to announce it here in the forum, so that the server management may carry out the necessary preparations. In this application, a final set of rules or a constitution should also already be included (if more than five players). In addition, a nation name and national flag and a state territory is required (One cannot found a nation on the territory of another one). Founded Nations apply simultaneously for both servers.

      You can join the RPG server with "/rpg".

      The Nationsplugin.
      This specially developed Plugin allows you to create your nation and administrate your members as well as your national territory. The territory is managed chunkbased.
      To show up a list with your claimed chunks you can use the command "/chunks".
      To get information about the chunk you are standing in, use the command "/chunk".
      If the chunk is free you can claim it by typing in "/chunk take".
      To unclaim a chunk which belongs to you, you can use the command "/chunk release".

      Configurations in the Nationsmanagement are updated automatically after 1 minute. To update the changes directly you can use the command "/update nations".

      To make economical actions easier we have plugins such as Signshop and Craftconomy which are adding for example a currency and functioning shops to guaranty a good trading. Since we want to have the economy as realistic as possible there are no Adminshops but only shops from users who are selling their produced goods and be bought by other users. We got also the plugin called Machina craft which a few machines with which you can do your industrial revolution and produce goods nearly full automatical. For transportation we have also plugins such as Movecraft and Traincarts.

      Of course, nations can declare war mutually, if certain criterias are met. Criterias which would justify a war.
      Justified war reasons:
      • continuous provocations and threats,
      • attacks on nation members and the nation istself,
      • provocative and suspicious ?,
      • violation of the state-territory/state-property.
      War rules.
      1. In case of war, destruction, killing and looting/griefing is allowed.
      2. A war lasts until the warring nations signed a peace treaty.
      3. The winner can determine conditions and war burdens in the peace treaty.
      4. During the peace negotiations, the country of the loser can be occupied.
      5. There must be a member ratio of at least 2:3 between the warring parties. It is not allowed to attack a nation with 3 members, if your nation has 15 members.
      (We may change these rules at any time!)

      Of course, policy is not only about conflicts, but also about diplomacy and national common weal. Therefore, it may be helpful to maintain and extend diplomatic relations.
      It is allowed to form a self-imposed government form. Even free of political correctness!

      Create new cultures with your nation and help shape the server image with your buildings and skills. Use this layer, to bring your nation on top of the world!

      If you want to move a construction or building on the RPG server you can ask for it in our forum. Then an Admin or Mod will take a look and possibly help you to move it with WorldEdit.
      Teleportations on/to the RPG server are absolutely forbidden. You can ask an Admin or Mod for the permission to teleport. If we catch somebody who has used the teleportation we are going to punish him with a temporary ban for 24 hours.

      F: What do I need to form a nation?
      A: At least 2 players, a state territory and a nation name. If your nation consists out of 5 (or more) members you also need a regulation sheet or a constitution.
      F: How do I form my nation?
      A: If your nation meets all the above conditions, you can apply hier. Then, an admin will look it up and create the nation.