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  • Read Me [ vol. 2 ]

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    Nonne reads something called Readme. You definitely NEED to change the title. What about "Cute Kitten Photos"?

  • In this Post I want to give a quick (or long) statement about my opinion on the religion Poll. 1st, why I suggested a Religion? In the Period we will hang out for the next couple years, religion is kinda a big thing. People went to church (or equivalent), and holy wars are just about over. And the possibilities for RPG are endless: Remember the history lessons about conflicts from Head of States and your Holyness? And if we reach the Renaissance, thinks will get hairy for me. But I don't think m…

  • @Ostpreusse I not tried to say we shouldn't have a religion (I would be without a job!), but I'm not sure about real ones. BTW, when does the poll end?

  • …or collecting resources for a Castle If it stays the way, we need some sort of conflict solving for the religion think. I only suggested fictive for a reason, and I don't think a real one could be interpreted in Minecraft, the dieing -> Heaven / Hell thing, wish is one of the main "reasons" people started believing in some weird person having 10 rules how to live together, is not very applicable. The Die and become Reborn until reaching Nirvana thing is more applicable, but you can't become som…

  • The awnser possibility were 1 week = 1 month, wish is slower. Time progression also depends on the goals, if you want changing rag you could also go for 1 Year / Week (It would still take roughly 15 years to surpass today, so it would be acceptable and my choice)

  • "from that period" sounds a bit vage. I'm sure I'll master building in a period from 1200 - 2200

  • Nice Map! But I kinda don't understand what you mean "supply the constructionside with their products and goods" in a Creative World. And It seems a bit too flat for my feelings.

  • The 1st question was more a question if we should consider some events, for example the 95 Theses may lead to a decrease in religion, some happenings at war, and so on. It would add a layer to Role-play, as there are some (predictable) events you may want to get prepared to do it right.

  • I might have some interest to get into Role-play again, so I thought a bit about what confession to choose. From my perspective, for at least 200 Jears everyone and later some other people will be religious from a historical site. So, my choise is becoming something like Your Holiness would be fun and add a little layer of RPG. Some questions I still not sure about: - What do you think about having a religion? - I think the best think is to play in a fictive religion, science I not want anyone t…

  • Meanwhile on The Fallen Empire

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    Nice to hear we've got a new Member, a Tumbleweed!

  • And I should start report these. Absolutly Spam

  • Wish Recource Pack are you using? Building are looking great.

  • How to make $$$ from Home!

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    Here is a simple way of getting Money: 1. Get Money. 2. Buy Minecraft for 19.95€ before May 23rd. (Too late! ) 3. Sell the copys for something inbetween 19.95€ and 23.95€ 4. Make profit! Pros: - Nothing special to do, can be done from home - Kinda securely, no money loss Cons: - You need some money to buy the Minecraft Accounts - May Microsoft don't like the idea of reselling - You need a way to sell them, e.g. Website - Reselling Minecraft Accounts sounds kinda suspicious. (Hidden Content)So, y…

  • Read me!

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    A Readme? Is it that file I most likly ignore when a program has one? So... Let's ignore this thread! *ignore*

  • Quote from Westpreusse: “nein ” a) This is an english topic. Please reply in english. b) YES!

  • Hello! I think maybe your application *could* be a bit longer, but we really need some Moderators at the moment, and I think you could be a good one. Quote from snobben4: “As many of you might know I've played on the server for a few years now, almost since it started. As little as I knew about the server then I know about the future of it. But I'd like to effect it's future by being upgraded to mod, and be a part of its server team and make important decisions. ” As my experience as a Moderator…

  • I recently found an amazing video out on youtube! It has some serious action going on and has exactly the right length! So, check it out!

  • Hello players! We got a revolutionary and awesome update for you! I'm sure you'll like it * Added a new server: The Modserver! * Added more realism. The modern world is fast, so Survival should be fast too! * We removed the RPG server due to lack of activity * Added something magically * We renamed the Modserver to RPG server * Removed all mods from the RPG server * Added Herobrine Enjoy the update! The server team Edit: April Fools!